Neuroimaging data analysis (GBIO0034)

B-30/0-000 - Big meeting room (CRC)

B-30/0-000 - Big meeting room


Christophe Phillips (GIGA in silico medicine & CRC in vivo imaging)

This Indico event describes the content and planning for the course "Neuroimaging data analysis" (GBIO0034), formerly known as "Introduction to medical statistics" (STAT0722). The program is very similar but might be slightly updated from one year to the next, especially the later classes...

The course content is focused on the SPM software and its application to analyse neuroimaging data. The course will be illustrated with some example of data processing using the demo data from SPM. The material from last year's is still available; moreover the course in 2020 was taught online and the video recording are an excellent source of information. Not to be missed either, the slides and videos from past official SPM courses in London are all accessible online!

Class room & timetable

Six classes are planned, on Wednesdays from 14h till 17h with a mid-break. Those will take place in the "Big meeting" room, at the Cyclotron Research Centre, B30, on November 8, 15 & 29 and December 6, 13 & 20, as described here under. The exact program might be slightly adjusted.

For those who can only attend remotely, the course will tentatively be live streamed via Teams. Alternatively, you could check out the recording of the 2020 course or those of the official SPM courses in London, which cover about the same content.


This will consist in the oral presentation of a peer-reviewed article in the field of neuroimaging. The focus should be on the methodological aspects and data processing overall. Students are free to choose an article they find interesting but it should still be approved by C. Phillips.

Potential journals:

Potential papers, 

Date, time & place:

  • On January 19, 2024, from 2 till 5pm.
  • at the  CRC (B30), large meeting room