Introduction to medical statistics

On 16/11, B7a S2 (-1/16) [Liège Sart-Tilman - Agora] On other dates, B4 1/24 (1/88) [Liège Sart-Tilman - Agora]

This Indico event describes the content and planning for the course "Introduction to medical statistics" (STAT0722). Note that the program here under still need to be updated with class-room and content.

The course content is focused on the SPM software and its application to analyse neuroimaging data. The course will be illustrated with some example of data processing using the demo data from SPM.

The material from last year's course is obviously an excellent source of information.

Class room

  • On November 16, the class will take place at B7a S2 (-1/16) [Liège Sart-Tilman - Agora], i.e. a small underground room near the "Amphis des Sciences".
  • on the other dates, the classes will take place at B4 1/24 (1/88) [Liège Sart-Tilman - Agora], i.e. a small room on the 1st floor in the "Amphi de l'Europe".


This will consist in the oral presentation of a peer-reviewed article in the field of neuroimaging. The focus should be on the methodological aspects and data processing overall. Students are free to choose an article they find interesting but it should still be approved by C. Phillips.

Potential journals:

Potential papers:

Date, time & place:

  • January 14, 2022, at 2pm 
  • CRC (B30), large meeting room